Please enjoy these priceless photos. If any of the labeling is incorrect please let me know ASAP. Also, if any of you have other photos that you would like to share via this website please forward them to me via U.S. Mail or email attachment. All original photos will be scanned and returned to you unharmed. I am particularly interested in historical photos of our elders.
Get ready!

Aunt Marguerite's 90th Birthday Surprise

Aaron Michael did a beautiful thing when months earlier he started planning a February 24, 2019 surprise party for his mother's 90tth birthday! Auntie's mind is still quite sharp so keeping it secret was quite a challenge! I'm happy to report that she was very much surprised and delighted!!

Please share in her joy by clicking on the click below to view my short video. Many more Auntie!!

Reunion 2018 - Dallas

The Brown-Ewing Family reunion was again hosted by DeAnthony Rainey in 2018. The event took place in Dallas, TX during the month of August.

Please enjoy below some of the many photos taken by family members to memorialize this joyous gathering.     
DeAnthony and family welcome the weary travelers.

Reunion 2016 - Dallas

The Brown/Ewing Family Reunion 2016 was hosted by DeAnthony Rainey, August 5 through August 7. The event photographer provided almost 300 photographs that I have attempted herein to whittle down to 71 that provide a beautiful but manageable overview. This was an agonizing task! I have also attempted to organize the photos based somewhat on event chronologically and by family subgroups. I have labeled the portrait photos (48-71) to the best of my ability. I apologize in advance for any errors. Your corrections are encouraged.

You may also view the YouTube video of the 2016 family reunion by clicking

Front L-R: Alicen, Unknown, Tony, Rose, and Tommy. DeAnthony is on the far right. Dee, Barbara, Akila, and Sharon are on

2014 Summer in KC

The picnic organized by Claudette Rainey's children, Cheryl chief among them, was absolutely fantastic! The whole weekend was a rich family event but the picnic was the apex. Mom and I met descendants of many of Mama and Papa Brown's children. Offhand, we met the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Alice (including yours truly), Mickey (James), Claude, Paul, Marguerite, Rosalee, and Annabelle.     

While the visit was wonderful the travel portion was very difficult for my mother. We knew this going in but she very much wanted to go anyway. This was likely the last time she will see the place of her birth and childhood.  

Please enjoy the picnic pics below. My thanks go to Valerie Brown and Lynda Daniels for sending them to me. They were taken by cell phone. (I apologize for appearing in most of them; when I asked for their photos they must have assumed that's what I meant.) If anyone has other photos please send them to me by email,, or text message, (925) 519-8426.  


Teena, her son Terence 'Top Cat', Teena's mom Annabelle 'Girlie' and Girlie's husband, Webster

Aunt Girlie's Collection (Thanks Teena!)

Debbie is the eldest offspring of Gerald 'Jerry' Brown, son of William 'Buster' Brown.

Deborah "Debbie" (Brown) Griffiths, M.D. & Fam


Reunion 2010 Photos

Please submit your reunion 2010 digital photos to me by email attachment ASAP. You may also submit digital images directly via the website. The images will appear once approved. So far I have posted 16 images taken by Aunt Marguerite and 39 taken by my wife, Anne. I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Reunion 2012 - Banquet Vol I

Collectiion by Photographer Steven Hurst - Please submit your reunion 2012 digital photos to me by email attachment ASAP. You may also submit digital images directly via the website. The images will appear once approved. I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Reunion 2012 - Banquet Vol II

Balance of collectiion by Photographer Steven Hurst.