Update August 3, 2014

Cheryl Denise Davis entered the following comments on the Contact Us page on August 3rd:

"Thank you to everyone that was able to make our family gathering a delite!!! Special thanks to Tony Robinson for being able to make it possible and for cousin Rose to attend!!! I was surprised that Chicago (Barbara, Linda, and Dee) was in the house!!! It was a true pleasure to meet Mary (Pinckney) and Bertha Rose (Udell)."  

Cheryl is the daughter of Claudette Rainey, daughter of Claude Brown. 

Please go to the the 2014 Summer in KC Photo Album under the Photo Albums tab for more comments and multiple photos taken at the picnic.

My God Bless our family.
Update July 30, 2014
Update July 24, 2014
Dear Family --
As of yesterday, Walt Jr. expressed doubt as to Uncle Walter's ability to make the trip. He has been fighting a recent health issue over the past week and his recovery period is uncertain. Walt Jr. will confirm once he has had an opportunity to discuss the matter further with his dad. He knows that Uncle is very much looking forward to being with family in KC.   
As of this writing Mom and I plan to proceed as scheduled. She's concerned that she may be the one not feeling up to travel if we postpone. However, I wanted to get this note out ASAP. Some travelers may wish to reconsider.  

May God Bless Our Family


Update June 3, 2014

Hello Family --
I am not certain that I will have enough early headcount info to get a good block rate deal at a hotel. It appears that many of you will be making a final decision at the last minute. This means that each person that has already decided to go should make their own tentative hotel arrangements sooner than later. The BBQ event will be held at a park or at someone's house, depending upon the number of people. Mike Brown will be making all of the arrangements and paying for everything out of his own pocket. He didn't know that before now but he is such a nice guy that I know it won't be a problem. Thanks Mike!! You're the BEST cousin ever!! 
Mom and I will be staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel -- Kansas City Plaza. It is 2 miles from Crown Center with free shuttle service to and from. The hotels right inside of Crown Center are a little nicer but they are smaller (of course) and a lot more expensive. Also, Mom will definitely need room for a live-in caregiver.
Since I don't want to rush Mom to the airport, etc., our non-stop Southwest flight does not arrive until 7:15PM. By the time I pick up a rental car, etc., it will be time for Mom to get some rest. For this reason we will arrive on Wednesday, 07/30 and go straight to the hotel. By Thursday AM she will be fully rested and beaming smiles at her dearly beloved family members.       
May God bless our family.


UPDATE May 7, 2014 
Fired Up! Ready to Go!
I just spoke with Walter Junior. Uncle has reemerged alert, feisty, and ready to go to Kansas City!!
Barring any setbacks between now and July 31st, we have a full-on family party in the making! The dates again are July 31st thru August 3rd. If I hear from enough folks I will try to arrange a block rate deal at one the better hotels in Crown Center. We can have a BBQ picnic one day and take over a portion of a restaurant on another. Each person can order and pay for him/herself. If the right restaurant wants our business they will accommodate us.  
Aunt Marguerite has expressed delight at welcoming everyone to visit and coordinate from her home. In addition, there are many Brown descendants still living in KC eagerly awaiting our arrival. All Browns and Ewings are welcome to join us! 
May God Bless our Family.


April 20, 2014

Dear Family:
For some time now Uncle Walter and my mom have expressed a desire to visit Kansas City at least once more. First on their itinerary would be to visit the gravesites of Mama and Papa Brown, among others. We made some initial plans for a visit last summer but the plans were aborted at last minute based upon how Uncle Walter was feeling.    
Uncle's strength continues to come and go, which is certainly understandable at age 93. Mom is doing a bit better but she, too, has her good days and bad. She is currently 83.
Despite the foregoing, this trip would mean the world to both of them. During my discussions with Walter Jr. over the past few months he has been unable to commit his dad to firm travel plans this summer due to his up and down health status. We agreed just recently that I will make hard plans to visit KC with Mom this summer which would allow us to publish specific dates. That way a last minute decision can be made by Uncle as to whether or not he can travel while allowing other family members to make tentative plans.
At present, Mom and I plan to visit KC from July 31 through August 3, 2014. This is a reunion year but since no one has come forward to host this would be a good opportunity to share some quality family time. Aunt Marguerite, Uncle Walter, and my mom are all very excited about the possibility of this gathering. They are the last of an important era in the Brown family legacy.   
Keep in mind that we may need to abort again if both Mom and Uncle Walter are not strong enough in July. However, given their advanced ages it is reasonable to expect that the trip will get even more challenging with each passing year.
Please mark you calendars. Last minute plans can be made for a BBQ picnic, etc., depending upon the number of people that plan to join us.
May God bless our family.