Brown Family Tree
This "living" version of the Brown Family Tree is now ready for corrections and/or updates. Keep in mind that this first draft is simply a digital version of the paper family tree that has been around for approximately 20 years. 

The "Brown" Family Tree focuses on William "Papa" Brown, Sr. To the extent that it covers his children, and grandchildren, etc., it is identical to the "Ewing" Family Tree. However, it also covers his mother, siblings, and the descendants of his siblings. (Unfortunately, I cannot darken the background or font colors at this time. This option should be available soon.)


1) Once you access the tree click on the circular icon to the right of the star in the upper right hand of your screen. Click "File" from the drop down menu then "Find on this page". With this tool you can perform searches by name. Keep in mind that there are still many misspelled names on the tree.

2) Click on the same icon and select "Zoom" from the drop down menu to zoom in or out. Zooming out by, e.g., 50% will give you a better overview of the tree. Once in the section you want you can zoom in to, e.g., 100% or more. (Be sure to return this setting to 100% when you're done. It affects all of your screens.)