2007 & 2010 Videos

Dear Family Member:


You are welcome to view at no cost to you the recording of the Brown-Ewing Family Reunion 2010 – Celebrating Our Elders Main Event Dinner – Honoree Presentations and talent show. 


You may also view Walter Brown, Jr.'s interviews of family members at the 2007 reunion below. The reunion was hosted by Mary Pinckney (daughter of Claudette Houston Johnson, daughter of Alice) and took place on a boat docked at the Long Beach, CA harbor. The interviewees include Claudette Johnson, Marguerite Brooks, Shirley Brown (KC), Walter Brown, Sr., James "Jimmy" Brown, Barbara Jean Norman, and Mary Pinckney. 






Just click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your browser's address bar). VLC Media Player works best. There's a blue screen break and some pixeling toward the beginning of Claudette's 2007 interview (first video) but it lasts less than a minute. BTW, these YouTube postings are "unlisted" meaning that you must have the video's link to view it. They will not come up via random browsing or a search.   

2010 Reunion Presentations and Talent Show:


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2007 Reunion Interviews (in sequence):